Throughout the world, there are many people with the surname "Gray" or a variant thereof. Most are thought to be distantly related due to common ancestors in the Old World. A generic origin of the Gray Clan may be found online at various sites such as:


However, while intriguing, the purpose of this site is the focus primarily on the history of our specific line of the Gray's and related families once they arrived in the New World.

During the first 200 years of European settlement, as many as 20 different branches of the Gray family immigrated to what is now the United States. While they are likely distantly related, lack of record keeping and the ravages of time have erased any attempt to link different families using traditional genealogical means. In an effort to find our place in the overall history of the Gray's, genetic samples have been submitted through Family Tree DNA to the Gray Surname DNA Project: 

 Above: There are many place names associated with "The Gray Clan". Some of which can be readily identified as being linked to our branch of the family, others can not. This picture was taken down by Lake Chesdin here in Virginia and is not likely the result of any close relation on ours based on the movements of our Gray's.

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