John Jessee died between 1 Aug. and 7 Nov. 1815. RC Law Order Book 5, p-234
indicates that he is alive on Aug. 1. Page 252 indicates that he is deceased on Nov 7. 1815. So he died in the 3rd. quarter of that yesr.

John Jessee was a soldier living in Caswell County, NC, during the American Revolution. He was listed as musician in Yarborough's 10th Regiment, serving from April 1781-April 22, 1782, and is listed again in Pierce's Register as Revolutionary War soldier. Listed on roster of NC soldiers in NC by the NCDAR pg. 12 & 138. Also listed in the DAR Patriot Index, pg. 368 and referenced in National DAR Record Numbers 360261, 395105, 447302, 476641, 438437, 295105.

John Jessee and his father Henry owned about 600 acres of land on Hico Creek, in Caswell Co., NC. This was ostensibly near "Moravian Land" and supports the idea that the Jessees may have been part of the Moravian settlement of NC. Most of John and Frankey's family became Baptists, and there were several generations of ministers in the Baptist tradition, indicating at least influence of the protestant/baptist movement, of which the Moravians were part.

This property is near Leasburg, NC, and the land records show that John Jessee obtained all of this land from the State of NC. He first appears on the Caswell Co. tax records in 1777, implying he did not own land before that date. In 1779 he bought 450 acres in the area of Hico Creek, Caswell County, from the State, in 1785 he bought 526 acres from Isaac Brown, who had obtained it from the State. In all he bought 976 acres but sold a total of 1078 acres, or 102 acres more in 1787. He may have received the additional land from Frankey Lea's family, which may not have been recorded. Caswell Co., NC records show 13 Oct 1787-John Jessee sold to Barnett Lea both of Caswell Co. NC for 100 pounds, 277 acres. Wit: George Lea and John McFarland.

THE CASWELL COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA TAX LISTS, 1777, 1780, AND 1784 (Copyright 1990 by T.L.C. Genealogy, PO Box 403369, Miami Beach, FL 33140-1369) provide , the fact that Henry and John Jessee (spelled variously Jessey in 1777 on pg. 12, or Jesse in 1780 on pg. 35, and the same in 1784 on pg. 67) are found together on the 1777 and 1780 rolls, but Henry is missing in 1784. These tax lists also provide evidence of several Lea families, one of which must be that of our Frankey Lea. Lastly, this publication included a map of Caswell Co., NC in 1777, illustrating the area in which the Jessee and Lea families lived, on Hico and Cobbs Creeks.

John Jessee relocated his family to Russell County, VA first settling at Bush's fort at Castlewood or in Upper District, Burke's Garden area. He first appears on Russell Co. tax list in 1788, and then bought land in Reeds Valley in 1790, near what is today the town of Lebanon, VA. John Jessee bought land on Cedar Creek from Thomas Price and Jane, wife, in Russell Co. on 25 Mar 1791.
He eventually established his large family on several pieces of land in Reeds Valley on both sides of the headwaters of Beck's Branch and on Carr's Creek. Going north from Lebanon on Mill Creek (Carr's Creek was later named Mill Creek because of several mills there) toward Cleveland, this land is about 1/2 mile north of Jessee's Mill near top of hill on right side.

For more information about the Jessee Family, see the Jessee Genealogy Service:  http://www.jessee.org/



Captain Francis Browning born 24 Nov 1753 Culpeper County VA.  Married Miss Vermillion about 1786.  Six children. He died 18 Jul 1855 Russell County VA at the age of 101 years, 7 months.

He served as captain in Virginia also NC line.  One of George Washington's couriers.  After the war a member of the Virginia Assembly.  This info all from Genealogy of the Brownings in America 1621-1908.
Francis settled in the beautiful section known as Elk Garden, Russell Co. He is buried in a family plot near their home.

At the first court held in Russell Co., on 2 May 1786, Francis Browning was made Coroner. He was three times sheriff of the county, also a member of the State Legislature from 1798 -1799, and served as Captain of Militia of Washington County, VA, hence his rank as Captain Browning.

See Laningham for source and documentation. Captain Francis Browning was a revolutionary militiaman. He served in the Virginia Assembly 1798-99, was High Sheriff of Russell County, VA, but is best known for his part in founding Methodism in the area.

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